This website is dedicated to the revealing of God's will to all men, and although the truths found here may not be easy for you to understand at first, and even more difficult to put into practice, it is our hope that you be chosen by God, immersed completely by his Holy Spirit and with the refining fire of the Word of God, that is, Christ.

We find that this site is necessary in order to spread the gospel of the kingdom all across the Internet. Very few people, we have found, are even willing to discuss the true teachings of Jesus, much less follow their example. This gospel of the kingdom is not a new gospel, although it may seem foreign to some people who read from this site, it has been put into the modern world from ancient Judea and Galilee to the best of our ability. It is the gospel of God's imminent dominion here on Earth, and no force on earth or in heaven can stop it from coming to reign. We believe that Jesus taught about this new age of purity and faith in God under the names of 'kingdom of heavem,'the kingdom of God,' and 'the kingdom of the Father.' These are all carefully-placed reminders that God will indeed change our hearts, and even the heart of the world and heaven. For once, there will be peace and unity between the Father and his children. But this kingdom will not come by waiting, nor will it come by simply letting others build it.

The kingdom of heaven is one built upon the rock of Jesus' teachings, and its cornerstone is Christ himself. Nothing can be built unless the cornerstone is in place, and yet every so-called 'Christian' in the world today has refused to build on him, instead going for fancier lookalikes and doubles, 'candied apple kingdoms' some of us like to call them, seeing as though they are everything you once loved about Jesus, but combined with caramel, chocolate sprinkles, candy, and everything that completely destroys something that was at one time healthy.

What We Believe God Is Looking For

We believe that the Father is calling a great many people to the faith, and yet very few are answering the call, and as such few are being chosen to be apostles, or literal emissaries of God's kingdom on earth. If God's apostles are his emissaries, then this site could be a potential base of operations for God's work to be done. This is not to say that we alone hold the absolute truth about the Father and his kingdom, but if the articles and writings here can in any way aid the Lord in bringing the kingdom down (which we firmly believe they can), then let us help.

It is our calling to be builders and artisans working under the Supreme Architect, in order to ordain and establish the universal and unquestioned dominion of Almighty God. It is our calling to bear witness to the greatness and power of the Father, even unto death, in order to serve as humble reminders of a servant's obedience to his Master. It is our calling to forsake the world, and all the temptations that it has to offer, in order to follow the Messiah's example. It is our calling to come and dine at the marriage supper of the Lamb, slain but standing, in order to celebrate God's victory over death, and all who stand against him. Let us answer that call, and be broken upon the cornerstone of Christ, lest it fall on us and grind all men to powder.

Listed below are several questions we believe may be asked by visitors.